Welcome to Local Color Gallery

In 1984 sisters, Jennifer and Rita were selling Rita’s pottery at different stores on consignment when they discovered a new business that was about to open called Barton Street Company. The owner, Judy, was looking for someone to rent the second floor and begin a business. Local Color was born. Local Color consisted of not just Rita’s art work but the work of other local artisans. After approximately 18 months Judy decided to sell Barton Street Company and move on.

After searching for a new location, in April of 1986 Jennifer and Rita bought an old factory in Union Pier. They rehabbed the building themselves, after teaching school each day and on the weekends. Local Color Gallery soon had a new home. In the beginning it was a little lonely in Union Pier. There were not many other businesses in the area at that time. But now Local Color Gallery is only one of the old favorites along the Red Arrow Highway.

Today this bright and colorful gallery displays the work of over 90 artists, many of them local. At Local Color Gallery you will find paintings, fine crafts, jewelry, furniture, pottery, photography, sculpture, glass art and more. The art work ranges from the very contemporary to the delightfully whimsical, and the prices range from very affordable to an artistic investment.

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Local Color Gallery is open at the crack of noon until four pm. Monday through Saturday.