Art Attack 2018
April 27, 28 & 29

Art Attack is one of the Midwest’s most eclectic interactive celebrations of “All that is Art”. There is no better time to be in Harbor Country. Escape to our Southwestern Michigan lakeside resort for a weekend showcase full of gallery receptions, artist’s workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, theater, music, food and an overall great time! We offer a rich palette of artistic activity for your creative pleasure. Harbor Country is a haven for artists and galleries in addition to our wonderful shops, restaurants and lodging facilities. There is art in everything that we do.  There will be events at 27different venues.


Abby Girl
April 28 & 29 Sat. 3-6, Sun. 1-4 2018



Abby Girl is the fiber art collection created by Local Color Gallery co-owner Rita Cochran. She has been influenced by the art of her niece Abby and the students she teaches. Their artwork is so simplistically pure. She has adopted the primitive whimsical style from them. Texture, color and just pure fun have entered into these fiber images. . Also in this collection is wearable art created from recycled materials. The work is not childish but child like, and definitely for the young at heart.  

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April 29, 1-4

Listen to the ancient sounds of strings and melodies of the Lincoln Era. Back again this year by popular demand, Homemade Jam will set a background of music with hammered dulcimer, guitar, banjo and bass-taking you to a place where maybe you’ve never been before. Kathy Leek from Union Mills, along with Dan Moser and Jack Collings, have played at state parks and local festivals throughout the area for the last two decades and they are happy to return for Southwest Michigan’s Art Attack.

A Symphony of Polaroid Collages
April 28 and 29. Saturday 3-6 & Sunday 1-4

 Polaroid cameras are still clicking in the Julie Schwarz household. Come see what she is “focusing” on now. Still using Impossible Project film, the only film that can be used in the original Polaroid cameras, she is now taking multiple photographs of an object, trimming off the edges and then putting them together like a puzzle to make her one-of-a-kind black and white or color collages. Come and view an Instrumental part of Art Attack. See Julie’s new, focus-creating, one-of-a-kind Polaroid collages of a variety of different types of musical instruments. It will be music to your eyes! 

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April 27, 28, & 29, 2018 12-5pm.

At Whistling Frog, Rick and Tonya are the artists and makers. Their tiles are created in house by hand, one at a time. They sculpt original designs and pour plaster molds that are filled with white stoneware and fired in kilns. The ceramic tiles are finished using Rick’s specially formulated glazes in their happily humming studio. Their focus is the beauty of nature, community and preservation. Their new tiles representing Harbor Country, New Buffalo and Union Pier will be introduced.         

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Artists Reception for Julie Schwarz
September 3rd & 4th, 2011

Join us on Saturday and Sunday September 3rd and 4th from noon until 5 pm., at Local Color Gallery in Union Pier, to see what Julie Schwarz is up to now with the new 600 speed black & white Polaroid film offered by "" Julie will exhibit work created by  a process she calls "Lift-off", which is a form of emulsion lifts, that produces a unique, original work of art. Stop by to see her creative experiments and she can tell you the basics of how it is done.

Also on display will be Julie’s Polaroid SX-70 manipulations. Julie’s images are usually described as simple, intimate, and unique. The outdoors is most often her studio using only natural light, or at times mixing it with a flash. Julie uses a Polaroid One Step camera to take a picture. After an image has emerged, she “smushes” the emulsion around by hand using a variety of tools. The image is then scanned so an “e-neg” can be made. It is then printed through the regular photographic processes, having the same achievability. No computer manipulation or filters are used. To view more of Julie’s images go to Artists page.

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